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What's the difference between carpooling and ridesharing? Carpooling is legal, and fully endorsed by the government of Quebec. Read more.

Carpooling is 100% legal

According to the Canadian Transportation Act, carpooling is perfectly legal with respect to 2 criteria:

1. The driver would have made the same or similar trip

2. No compensation in excess of the cost reimbursement is required

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Money exchanged is tax-free

Money exchanged during a carpool is considered a cost reimbursement and not a personal income. As per the CRA in Quebec, cost reimbursements are considered non-taxable, and carpoolers are not obliged to hold a permit.

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Drivers are already insured

Quebec carpoolers are fully protected under the "no fault" clause of the public insurance plan. Private insurance plans may require premium coverage for regular carpoolers. It is important to notify your insurance company of your intent to carpool.

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