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Door-to-door carpool and parking platform

Your office parking is saturated? Offer better commuting options.

Netlift works with your company to determine needs and constraints in relation to employee mobility. Our goal is to provide a sustainable mobility solution while optimizing parking facility usage.

Transport supply can’t keep up with demand.

Public transit is rarely sufficient; meanwhile, employees are driving to work.

Organizations are running out of parking spots - that means building new lots or hiring shuttle services, costing millions.

We optimize available parking by putting more people per car.

Marta selects her passengers. Netlift handles the rest.

Employees install the app and enter their commute route.

Parking access, ride payment, employee contributions and reimbursements to drivers are all handled through the app. We make it easy.

Netlift benefits employers, drivers and riders.

Netlift eliminates the search for parking, takes the hassle out of commuting and makes the most of current parking facilities. A win for everyone.

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